our puppy pictures and videos will make you fall in love with each and every one of our puppies

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Our Shorkies Are the Stars in every crowd.  Our Shorkie  puppies are definitely Crowd Stoppers.  Every where you go People will stop you and fall head over hills in love with your shorkie puppy.



We know you will absolutely fall in LOVE with them.  Our shorkies have exceptional beauty, along with being  GORGEOUS, OUTSTANDING, LOVING, HAPPY, HEALTHY BABIES.   Shorkie puppies are always friendly no matter where they are or who they meet. Our  Shorkie puppies are just like kids in a little dogs body...
Shorkies are one of the # 1 companion dogs to date. Shorkies need a lot of love, attention, and affection.  But in return our shorkie puppies will love you unconditionally for ever.  Shorkie puppies are extremely smart and very understanding.
The well bred shorkie is a mix of The Shih tzu and Yorkshire Terrier breeds, that have had their genetic testing done. This is the ONLY way to properly breed a shorkie.  Shih tzu and Yorkies are two of the most popular Toy dog breeds today. but they are also known for several health issues, including knees, heart, liver, kidney, and eye issues. 

We breed for quality with health and temperament being our first priorities. That is why all our parents pass several genetic test before they are breed. Our Shorkie Stars are perfect with a Teddy Bear look, and nice thick coats.
When it come to our shorkie puppies we Never dock the tails, but we do have our vet remove all dew claws.
Our Shorkie puppies, come from our Home raised AKC registered Moms and dads. All our moms and dad are also registered with the Shorkie Club Of America. 
Our moms weight between 6-10lbs and our dads weight between 3.5-5.2lbs
My SHORKIE PUPPIES are used to being held, cuddled and loved on every day. 
Every Day is a Sunny Day when you watch  Shorkie Puppies!
Nothing is more full filling than having a shorkie puppy..
I can't wait until I get their little kisses. I love to watch Shorkies play with their toys and each other. You can watch them to in our video's.  I feel like I'm in heaven when I hold our Shorkie puppies.
I love what I do! Our Home Raised Shorkie Puppies are the Best!
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